NEW BOOK: After Avalon – Short Story Anthology

I’m cockahoop to announce that After Avalon, a new short story anthology from 18th Wall Productions, is launching today!

Here’s the gorgeous cover to ogle, as well as the synopsis:


King Arthur is dead. Camelot has fallen. Britain drowns in Saxons.

These are the stories of what came after.

Merlin’s prophecies begin such, in introduction:

“In the days when Arthur’s dream was dimmed, as grey embers under storm, actors from our reverie still ventured forth. A boy enters decaying Broceliande with the May Hawk’s daughter, both in search of fathers. Sir Gawain, bereft of his nation, rides in search of my tomb—but finds a friend turned enemy. In the Britain’s hour of need, the round table will be restored to defend Logres in the sky, in the London Blitz.

“My tutor, Bleys, will take a fool’s horse, and two adventurers will trace my dying steps across the world. Sir Lionel’s remains will visit the remains of the Arthurian world, and the Victorians will strive to make a gentleman of Mordred. The Questing Beast will never cease to haunt Pellinore’s line, no matter how far north they trend. The old witch, Morgan, will seek forgiveness. The holy lance will appear once more. And a queen who is no longer a queen will meet a knight who is no longer a knight, and both will marvel at the grave of the greatest king who served his country.

“These may be read, in full, inside.

“But I am tired now, and Nimue calls for me…”

An all-new anthology from the award-winning curator Nicole Petit, featuring stories by Colin Fisher, Leigh Ann Cowan, Amy Wolf, Thomas Olivieri, Jon Black, Patricia S. Bowne, Claudia Quint, David Wiley, Christian Bone, Patrick S. Baker, and Elizabeth Zuckerman.

After finding out the premise of this book, I had to get involved. The open end of the classic Arthurian legends, with Arthur promised to return one day to save Albion once again, has always fascinated me and seemed ripe for further writing.

As it is, my story for the anthology, ‘The Confession of Mrs Fay’, is more of a comedic, but hopefully also touching, slant on the legend rather than a grand sequel. I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope that you’ll have fun reading it. If you so chose to purchase the book, that is. No pressure. Though I should warn you that, if you don’t buy it, I do know an old woman who is more powerful than she looks…

After Avalon can be purchased directly from 18th Wall Productions’ website. If you wish to get your hands on a physical copy, you can grab it from or


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