Post 101

No, this post isn’t going to make your utmost fears and nightmares come true (at least, I didn’t think my writing was that bad). Instead this is just a brief post to say  ‘hello and welcome’ to my spanking new author site that has just gone live today. I hope that myself and it will have a very happy relationship in the future and will not kick the other one out after a terrible argument. Author-blog break-ups are the worst.

Coincidentally – or, if you would like to think of it that way, ingeniously planned – a flash fiction, or drabble, of mine has also gone up today over on 101 Fiction as part of their Spring 2014 issue. The premise of the site is that they only publish stories of, you guessed it, 101 words. It’s a terrific challenge to write but both fun and rewarding if you can do it. I would certainly urge anyone with writing inclinations to have a go.

My drabble, titled ‘Seasons’ is something of a fable (is it a fable-drabble, a drabble-fable or, indeed, a ‘fabble?) and you can read it here. When you’re done, pop back to have a read of the assorted material already on this site. Only if you want to of course. I’m not some sort of Orwellian dictator who spies on people. 

By the way, you with the nose, your tie’s crooked.


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